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Top 5 Biggest Bloggers In India

Top 5 Biggest Bloggers In India

Top 5 Biggest Bloggers In India

  1. Amit AgarwalTop 5 Biggest Bloggers In India

Amit Agarwal is one of the most Famous and Biggest Blogger in India. Amit Agarwal is an Indian blogger personality and he is also the first Indian Professional Blogger. Amit holds a degree from IIT which is considered as the highest B.Tech degree in India. He is also listed in Adsense success story by Google. Amit basically writes about How-to Guides and gives solution for issues related to technology. Labnol is undoubtedly the best blogs in India where you can find technology simplified for you. Today, he is the number one tech blogger in India. He is totally unique and no one can be like him. He has previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. In 2004, when he quit his job to blog full time he became India’s first and only professional blogger.  Amit writes about Technology and How-To-Guides. You can read more about him on his About page.To inspire new bloggers, he released a video documentary about professional blogging some year’s ago.


Blog/Website:- www.labnol.org

Monthly Earning:- $65,000


2. Shraddha SharmaTop 5 Biggest Bloggers In India

Shraddha is the only female blogger on our list of top Indian bloggers. She is known for her globally recognized website YourStory.com which started earlier in 2008 by the name YourStory.in. She has now built a diversified team of bloggers and in 2013 received a funding grant of Rs 70 Lakh from the Omidyar Network and the Rockefeller Foundation. Yourstory is estimated to earn at least Rs 10 Lakh every month through advertisements and sponsorships.  The website which was started in 2008 has profiled more than 15,000 entrepreneurs over the last 6 years and is now a globally recognized brand. Yourstory’s flagship event called Techsparks attracts participants from across the length and breadth of India.


Blog/Website: www.yourstory.com

Monthly Earning: $35,000


  1. Harsh AgarwalTop 5 biggest blogger in india

Harsh Agarwal is one of the Biggest and Popular Blogger in India. He is also known for his famous and popular blog called ShoutMeLoud. Shout Me Loud is India’s fastest and one of the famous blogs which are run by Harsh Agrawal. Being a blogger, I love to read blogs which teaches me the real and impressive fundamentals of Blogging. Harsh and his blog team also writes about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, and web hosting. The main source of income for Harsh is affiliate programs. He is famous for publishing his monthly earning reports online that has neophytes of the blogging world swooning. If you don’t know how to write blogs and how to rank your blog on the first page of google so, Shoutmeloud website is best for you.


Blog/Website: www.shoutmeloud.com

Monthly Earning: $34,000


  1. Arun PrabhudesaiTop 5 Biggest Bloggers In India

Arun Prabhudesai is one of the famous and Biggest Blogger in India. Arun Prabhudesaiise works on biggest tech website in India Trak.in. Trak.in, which is actually an Indian blog that mainly talks about Technology, Telecom, Internet, and Mobile.  Arun started Trak.in in 2007 and since then it is growing every day and now is one of the leading Indian telecom blogs. In one interview Arun said, A India has more capability to do more than other countries but lacks proper guidance and awareness. This was the main aim behind Trak. Apart from blogging, he has the great love for photography. He also loves to read other bloggers like Anil Dash, Amit Agarwal etc. He is also a budding entrepreneur who is confident about future of India. Arun now resides in Pune, Maharashtra.


Blog/Website: www.trak.in

Monthly Earning: $5,000


  1. Ashish SinhaTop 5 Biggest Bloggers In India

Ashish Sinha is one of the biggest and famous bloggers in India.  Ashish worked before for big brands like Yahoo, Google, and IBM, he started blogging earlier in 2006 with his blog Pluggd. Later in 2011, he re-branded his blog and gave it a named NextBigWhat.com. which is mainly talks about Technology, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurship. However, from past one year, he is not blogging on his main blog because he has moved to another level. Now, he runs a company that offers digital solutions in his home city of Patna. He also has some coding and designing knowledge, and spends a lot of time in the gym.


Blog/Website: www.nextbigwhat.com

Monthly Earning: $18,000


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