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Top 5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Pollution

Top 5 ways to protect yourself from pollution - TVF News

Top 5 ways to protect yourself from pollution:


Walking is the best way to protect yourself from pollution. You may think to be inside your car you are safe from all that pollution in the air. But that is not true. Experts reveal the levels can be five times higher as the heater in your car draws in the exhaust fumes which can be harmful. Professor Holgate explains that when you’re using the heater in your car, it ‘draws in the exhaust fumes from the vehicle in front’, which can be particularly bad in traffic jams.

2. Use apps to know where the high pollutant routes are:-

A glance from your window will give you a rough idea of the infection outside, but don’t depend solely on your judgment. Go for an app to help you out like SAFAR. Or use a website, for the same purpose. The problem with pollution is that you can’t really see it – so how do you know when it’s fluctuating from moderate to noxious? The BreezoMeter app (free on Android and iOS) can give you a real-time map of air quality in your local area, down to street-level accuracy. It works using a color-coded key so you can easily check when you’re about to walk into a red zone, where pollution is more harmful. Along with predictive hourly forecasts and pollen counts, the weather-health app also has handy advice notifications for it users – such as whether it’s a good time to go for a run.

3. Have Foods and Drinks Rich in Antioxidants:-

Eat foods & Drinks which have a Antioxidants. Some studies have suggested that a diet with high in the anti-oxidants can reduce the effect of the inhaling noxious air. The Antioxidants donate the molecules to stabilize free radicals and also reduce oxidative damage. So, go for the natural sources of these valuable immunity boosters. So, deep-colored fruits and vegetables such as berries, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, apples and plums that are packed full of antioxidants are good for you. Even green tea, cinnamon, pomegranate, and citrus fruits like oranges, have a powerful antioxidant effect. Studies have shown that plant-based vitamin-C sources work best, and vitamin supplements.. not so much.

4. Wear a Mask:-

It is going to be a tough month for your lungs, as you have to wear a mask in the outdoors. During these days it will cut down your intake of the harmful gases to a large extent. Some covers are not perfect, but they at least filter out the more significant pollutant particles.  It also contains clever filters which are designed to trap sub-micron particulates and other pollution nasties before they get into your system. The mask’s robust valves can consume even the most minute of pollutants, while a hidden nose clip keeps it all in place, even on the bumpiest of commutes.

5. Use an air purifier in your home:

Use an air purifier at home. Air purifiers remove pollutants from the air and trap contaminants through a replaceable filter. Also, as counterintuitive as it may seem, one should keep the windows of the house open. Because when you allow air – even polluted air – to flow through the home, your house “airs out,” reducing dust and pet dander. Purifiers work by using a fan to pull in dirty air at one end, remove pollutants, and output clean air at the other end. An air purifier will filter out smoke, pollen and other irritants that may be lurking in your home while a dehumidifier will extract the moisture from the air, killing mold and stopping the threat of bacteria that thrive in moisture.






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